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A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The discussion of the attack on the second amendment is no new area of discussion. It seems that since 1934 this topic has been a hot subject since the federal government first began to regulate and dictate national gun laws. I do believe that the topic could be no more timely and relevant than right now, today. 

Why this topic hits home:

I have always heard stories about how people interpreted political moves or rulings on cases for bump stocks and tungsten core ammo, but for me it has always been at arms length. It never really hit home until recently. If anyone visited Elah Armaments website prior to Friday Feb 25, 2022 and compared it to how it looks now, you would have noticed that the layout is completely different. I previously used a web developer that I absolutely loved and studied to get my site exactly how I wanted it. I applied hundreds of hours into the development of the original page. I modified, developed, critiqued, and edited every aspect with minimal assistance and all was self taught. Once the site was ready, I began to market the site and printed business cards with the domain on it. Once I had an order processed from the website, I was informed by the credit card processor on this platform that they do not support the sale of firearms. I was stunned. My website and all my hard work had been stopped in its tracks. 

I then contacted the web developer and was notified that I cannot use any external third party credit card processor and I either use their processors, or I can’t use their web developing. Even though there is nothing in their Terms of Service that suggests they don’t allow the sale of firearms, I am still unable to be provided with their services. All of the available processors such as Clearpay, Afterpay, Apple Pay, Stripe, and PayPal all refuse to work with gun sales. So I either had to just shut down the site and move forward without one or totally start over. I was crushed. 

I looked into alternative web developing sites and found that the list of anti-firearm support continued. Major developers such as GoDaddy and SquareSpace will not allow me to sell my products even though I am highly regulated by the ATF and have the paperwork to show my legitimacy. I am a licensed vendor, with a clean background, and a registered Federal Firearms dealer, but still denied services. I attempted to run ads for my business on places like Facebook and found the same barrier and had my ads removed. It seemed like everywhere I turned, I was being shut down because my business sold Firearms.  As I ran into increased resistance for promoting the Second Amendment to American people, my drive to promote the Second Amendment to the American people grew. I found a developer, connected with a card processor, and started over. Thankfully I am back up and running today, and I am more fired up than ever. 

Irrelevant Comparisons

It is rather common for the total number of deaths by firearms per year to be compared to statistics that are rather irrelevant. I do find it interesting that deaths due to gun violence are often compared to vehicle deaths per year. When the total death numbers begin to come close to each other, the left will raise a flag and shout from rooftops that “Gun violence is on the rise and recently surpassed vehicle deaths”. All the while I have never heard anyone calling to take the keys away from their neighbor or family (unless found incompetent then I believe the argument is the same for firearms as well). They will often set the two death totals side by side in comparison and act as if they are apples to apples, yet the response in banning or regulating the two products are nowhere close to apples to apples. If they are even comparable in data for discussion, then the response for regulation should be comparable as well. Yet this is never the case. 

It is commonly agreed that driving under the influence typically accounts for roughly 25-30% of all vehicular fatalities. I don’t remember the last time I heard someone calling for prohibition or the banning of vehicles. At the end of the day a death is a death and a tragedy for a mother, a father, a son, a daughter, a wife, or a husband. No death is to be minimized in this article and my heart goes out to all that have lost, regardless of the means. My goal is just to paint the picture of how some will make irrelevant comparisons to demonize firearms, while hypocritically failing to keep the same standards of regulation for the things they are being compared to.

This Administration

There is much political debate to be had on how much control, if any, should the federal government have in federal gun control. My goal is not to debate gun control and policy, just highlight potential red flags from the current administration and things that can advance restricted access to firearms. I believe the current administration is showing strong signs of desired increased gun control. It is no breakthrough knowledge to think that a democratic president would want to increase control of firearms, especially the current one. There have been several attempts to advance the control from the current administration. There was recently a comment made regarding his vow to halt the sale of parts used to make “Ghost Guns”. 

A “Ghost Gun” is a firearm that has no serial number. In theory, a firearm that has no serial number is unregulated, unserialized, and therefore untraceable. I am a registered FFL so I will not be participating in the current fad of playing with unserialized firearms, but the birth of the firearm is interesting to process. I believe many will describe those who seek ghost guns as criminals who intend to commit violent crimes with a firearm which is why they want an untraceable firearm. I do believe this will make up a rather minute portion of the population. However, I don’t believe what the Left accounts for is the number of individuals who want an untraceable firearm out of fear of a gun grab. They believe that if they have an untraceable firearm, they can bury it in the hills and avoid tyranny by preserving their freedom to bear arms. I don’t believe they are looking to go murder someone and have an untraceable firearm. I believe they are concerned about the loss of the Second Amendment and want to assure the protection of their family regardless of the direction the current administration decides to take the country. As fear grows, I would anticipate the obsession with ghost guns to grow in correlation with the perceived tyranny in the country. My concern is that as the number of ghost guns grows, so will the false flags against those firearms being used in a majority of violent gun crime cases to force the agenda.

In his State of the Union address, Biden declared his proposal to ban “Assault Weapons”. This is rather alarming and although this has been part of the centerpiece of his agenda since his running for office, this is not a subject to be taken lightly given the current season we are in. Although I know that “Assault Weapons” does not accurately describe an AR15, I will refer to an AR15 as an Assault Weapon, because I do know that is how Biden intended to  use the term. It is often asked why anyone would need an AR15 (AR not meaning  assault rifle but Armalite Rifle for anyone who does not know this) or why anyone would need a 30 round magazine, please refer to your local media station. Watching the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a good indicator as to why I am not willing to hand over my AR15’s anytime soon. Many will also argue that a handgun is a fine tool fit for self defense. Although I do agree with that, it all boils down to what the adversary is bringing to the table. I do not believe that if you ever had to physically fight for your Second Amendment freedom, that a handgun alone would be a level playing field. One of the first moves of the adversary is typically to attack when they have gained an advantage. Whether this is advancing at night, using the element of surprise, or advancing on a target armed to a lesser capacity.

There was another dangerous point to be made in the State of the Union address when Biden appealed to Congress to, “Repeal the liability shield that makes gun manufacturers the only industry in America that can’t be sued, the only one”. This of course is not true on many levels and a gun manufacturer can absolutely be sued. They are not exempt from legal liability. I do believe what he meant was manufactures are not liable for how individuals use their firearms. If an individual uses a Smith and Wesson to perform a mass murder then Smith and Wesson cannot be sued for producing the firearm used. Which makes sense because when individuals cause accidents with their vehicles, I don’t see a push for Chevy and Ford to be held accountable. Or cigarette companies being sued for lung cancer and alcohol being held accountable for individuals actions while intoxicated. Again it is an example of the standard of regulation not being consistent in the manner that the left screams for liability. Yet this is a strong push from the podium in today’s world. Bic cannot be accountable for the loans I take even though I used their pen to sign it for the loan. Although that is a stretch and mildly comical, it is absolutely apples to apples related to the accountability of gun manufacturers to be liable for how someone used their firearm.

Another lie from the podium is that “they are the only industry that cannot be sued” which is also completely false. According to Title 42 Chapter 6A of the U.S. Code § 300aa–22 – Standards of responsibility for Vaccine Companies (b)Unavoidable adverse side effects; warnings (1)No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings”. (For more on the lack of accountability for vaccine companies click HERE.) So if a vaccine manufacturer distributes a product that causes Guillain Barre Syndrome there is no accountability to the manufacturer. 

So again we see an uprising and shouting from the rooftops for “accountability” to firearm manufacturers for “death and harm” yet the same standard of regulation is not present for products that statistically have proven to have side effects. The most recent release of the Pfizer data showed alarming statistics of the side effects of the commonly stated “safe and effective” Covid Vax. (For more information of the 8 pages of known adverse reactions from Pfizer’s own documents click HERE). Adverse reactions for the vaccine are found on pages 30-38). This is not a vaccine debate. This is a whistle blow on the hypocritical demand for standards of accountability only applying to the ones they deem appropriate. I myself have been added to this category as of late due to my business selling firearms. 

Biden stated in his remarks regarding David Chipman’s withdrawal that,  “I have spent my entire career working to combat the scourge of gun violence, and I remain deeply committed to that work. Since taking office, my Administration has taken numerous steps to combat gun violence, and we’ll continue to use every tool at our disposal to fight gun violence and keep Americans safe.” Clearly there is some strong verbage used in this remark. “Entire career”, “deeply committed”, “taken numerous steps”, and “using every tool” are some of them. This drives my concerns even deeper and the deeper my concerns, the stronger my passion for promotion of the Second Amendment to the American people. 

One of the greatest concerns I have in this season is the piercing of the veil of the liability exemption to firearm companies. I do not believe the US would be able to do a full snatch and grab gun control. I do believe if they begin to hold firearm companies accountable for the manner in which their product is being used, they will all be sued out of business. The fastest way to enforce gun prohibition is to sue every manufacturer out of house and home. The products will be deemed to have such a  high of liability that no one will be willing to distribute or produce the products. Which leads me to my next topic. 

Current Times

One of the most recent concerns I have had that aligns with Biden’s address is the court case with Remington and the Sandy Hook lawsuit. From what I understand, the families of victims from the Sandy Hook tragedy brought a case against Remington for wrongfully marketing the firearm that was used in the devastating shooting. One could argue that Remington settled due to filing bankruptcy and that it was an individual involved with the insurance agency that agreed to the payout. Some believe that if it actually would have proceeded in court that Remington would have won. I’m not sure at this point and it is extremely difficult to speculate. However, I am concerned that manufacturers that have previously had immunity have now had a piercing of the veil moment and this becomes a possibility moving forward for anyone in the game. I believe it may be a desensitization to the idea of accountability to manufacturers for how others handle their products. I cannot think of ANY other product that is responsible for how an individual handles their product. Ever. Anywhere. Except the push for Firearms. This is an absolute unconstitutional reach and directly violates the Second Amendment. 

Recently I cannot fathom how the world has felt the impact of extreme gun control and witnessed the increase in tyranny with such a luke-warm response. This was demonstrated in Australia first with the hostile COVID restrictions and brutal arrests taking place on unarmed people. Video footage released of the Australian people being mistreated and abused due to non-mask compliance, curfew violations, and social distancing violations. Whether you agree with the interventions to prevent COVID spread, it is difficult to watch the videos and justify the use of force to implement the intervention. 

Second this was seen in Canada where many argue that the Prime Minister has overstepped in tyrannical approaches to disrupt the Freedom Convoy. He even took it to the extreme of labeling those who participated in, or aided those in the convoy as threats and had individuals arrested. It has been stated by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland that  “Financial service providers will be able to immediately freeze or suspend an account without a court order. In doing so, they will be protected against civil liability for actions taken in good faith”. 

What this really means is that the government of Canada can now empower banks to completely freeze bank accounts for anyone who gives money to any cause that the government doesn’t like. Regardless of how you feel about the Convoy, this should scare you. You may rejoice now if you agree in dispersing the convoy, but what happens when the next cause is something you agree with and it’s your bank account? When your family can’t eat? When it’s the clothes on your back for simply standing up for what you believe in? This may not be direct causation due to gun control, but I guarantee that radical tyranny is much easier to implement than unarmed people. There may not be a direct causation, but there absolutely is a correlation. 

The third and most recent is what is happening in Ukraine. I don’t know that the media is telling us what is actually happening and I’m personally not buying the picture being painted of the complete Victim (Ukraine) vs Villain (Russia) in this story. We witnessed the Media spewing flat out lies for the duration of years related to COVID and now we all go back to trusting the media all of a sudden? I believe Russia had bad blood for years and they were waiting on the opportunity to advance on their known adversary. They witnessed our response to the extraction in the Middle East and witnessed apparent weakness and they took advantage. 

If the world is watching this may just be the first of a few battles to unfold. I would have increased concern if we see China advance on Taiwan. I believe the fear of the US superpower that was flowing in the world’s veins for years has been dispelled by apparent weakness. Couple that with unarmed citizens and many may be in a bad way. This is not to minimize the conflict in any fashion or to portray insensitive responses to those who are losing life in Ukraine. I’m sure that is real blood on the concrete and those are real caskets. I just don’t know that we are being given the whole truth. Continued prayers will be extended to all who lose life in this time.

I do find it praise worthy that the Ukrainian people are rallying behind their apparent fearless leader. As they pass out firearms to rightfully arm their people. They rally to fight for their land against foreign threats and do their best to secure their countries borders. The strange part is many in the US that are praising them for doing this, were the ones slamming the previous administration for attempting the same exact thing. I believe this is a carbon copy example of things to come if we are to allow our country to end up with no Second Amendment rights and unsecured borders. If you wait to arm a country’s citizens until a threat has stormed your beaches, you are well behind the curve. 

Another interesting point from a gun control stance is that the citizens of the nation do not need to arm themselves if the government is willing to provide those citizens with needed protection. They assure you that the government will protect you so there is no need to have the means to provide your own protection. This also reminds me of Ukraine. Ukraine was encouraged in the past to surrender their nuclear weapons to avoid escalated conflict between them and Russia. They were assured that if needed, NATO would provide their protection to avoid escalated conflict and eliminate the need for Ukraine to keep Nuclear weapons. NATO has offered the Ukrainian people an UBER out of the country, far from the protection I want to ensure for the ones I dearly love. I’m not saying I support the US involvement in Ukraine. I’m simply stating that I’d prefer to provide the protection needed to protect my house, even more so after I witnessed the governments response to the conflict. 


I believe at times we can get so caught up in the trail of breadcrumbs and we become susceptible to being lulled to sleep as our rights are slowly trimmed away. I believe when we stand back and look at the current picture as a whole it is apparent that we need an urgency to contend for the Second Amendment. Whether the threat be foreign or domestic, we take pride at Elah Armament in knowing we are contributing to a well regulated militia, which is the right of the American people. These rights shall not be infringed and are necessary to the security of a free State. We do not enable the provision of Firearms to provoke or seek war. But if war is to come knocking on your door, it is my honor to have been in the process of arming and equipping you for the threat that has sought you out. To find out more about who we are at Elah Armament, check out our About Us page to see what we stand for. And if there is anything we can do to help promote your Second Amendment rights, please feel free to Shop Our Inventory Here.