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Bacic Subscription

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Welcome to our Basic Subscription Page! What is A Basic Subscription? Buy a Basic Subscription and you will receive permanent discounts on all online gun, ammo, and accessory orders. You will also receive, priority access to guns and ammo not open to general customers, specialty pricing on select guns, free entries into gun raffles and monthly gear giveaways. See the Monthly Subscription page for a side by side comparison to see which subscription fits you best, or click here to see what the Basic Subscription offers.

“This is the best subscription I have ever had! Great products, premium prices, exclusive access! Totally worth the money!”
Roger Riggins

Welcome to Elah Armaments Basic Membership page. We are excited to have you as a subscriber and we are confident that you will enjoy the limited access to exclusive pricing on guns and ammo and early access to products that the general public does not have access to. If you’re not a subscriber, feel free to look around and find out what it is all about.

All prices and guns/ammo on this page are limited to those with a Basic Subscription with Elah Armament.

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