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About Us

Our Name: Elah Armament

Our name is derived from a Hebrew term Elah (“ela/אֵלָה”) which means “terebinth”. The terebinth tree is native to the Mediterranean region from the western regions of Morocco and Portugal to Greece and western and southeastern Turkey.

Underneath the Elah tree is often where many would go in search of a place of rest and peace, as the broad spread from the limbs and leaves provided much shade. It is often used by individuals who need to rest and they come and sit under the Elah tree. The tree is strongly associated with a place of rest.

The Elah tree is also known for its ability to remain resilient. It is even able to regenerate from a stump if it is ever cut down. It is a tree that even when chopped down to a few inches, it will never give up. It is very stubborn and is never out of the fight.

The Valley of Elah: The Valley of Elah is the place where David fought Goliath in the Bible. The valley most likely received this name due to the vast number of Elah trees in the Valley. This story is well known by most and signifies a humble shepherd boy who sought after the heart of God. It is a story of bravery, boldness, faith, and one taking a stand when the surrounding army quaked in their armor. These are all principles that Elah Armament holds highly.

It is our desire as a company to function as, and provide a place for our customers to have peace, just as the Elah tree. We want our customers to find peace and rest in the reliability of our products whether they seek to kill game, reliability on the field of competition, or protection from a Golaith they may face. We believe that with our products in the customers hands, if ever needed, our customers will never be out of any fight they may find themselves in. We take pride in the duty to enable our customers to walk in bravery, boldness, faith, and taking a stand before all that presents itself before our customers. Just as the Elah Tree.


There are two major definitions of Armament that encouraged the selection of this term.

  1. the arms and equipment with which a military unit or military apparatus is supplied.
  2. the process of equipping or arming for war.

I believe that the purpose of our company is to enable the provision of firearms and equipment to the average American. It is our duty to assure that every hobby, passion, and need for all shooting sports is provided in a timely and reliable fashion. Whatever your need, if it goes bang, we got you covered.

In regards to the second definition, I also believe that it is the duty of our company to uphold and maintain the Second Amendment. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Many believe to this day that in World War II, Japan’s Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass”. Whether the threat be foreign or domestic, we take pride at Elah Armament in knowing we are contributing to a well regulated militia, which is the right of the American people. These rights shall not be infringed and are necessary to the security of a free State. We do not enable the provision of Firearms to provoke or seek war. But if war is to come knocking on your door, it is my honor to have been in the process of arming and equipping you for the threat that has sought you out.

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Elah Armament is invested in providing the “Three P’s” for American Citizens every day! Those three P’s are Passion, Protection, and Prevention!


The first P is Passion. I am honored to be able to be a part of the enjoyment and satisfaction customers get from purchasing equipment related to their passions. I want to enable individuals to continue to pursue their passion and hobbies. Whether it is shooting trap, 3 Gun, hunting, competing, tactical training, or simply collecting, I want to be able to supply the demand for the same passions we share. 


The second P stands for Protection. I am honored to be the vessel for individuals to be able to maintain protection for their family as their God given right. As a father and husband, it is my responsibility to provide physical protection for my family. I am the vessel the Lord chose to use to assure safety and security for those I love. I find the utmost enjoyment in being able to deliver the same equipment needed for others to do the same.


The last P is Prevention. I truly believe it is the people’s right to bear arms that protects the remaining amendments and constitutional freedoms, second only to the first amendment and serving God. It is through the empowerment of their right to bear arms that ushers in the opportunity to stand against tyranny and a well regulated militia to preserve their independence. It is that empowerment through the second amendment that prevents the government established, or foreign powers, from taking advantage of the people. It is truly my honor to promote independence, freedom of choice, and the tools to prevent the American people from being taken advantage of.

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