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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is a FFL?

“FFL” is an acronym that stands for “Federal Firearms License” and a FFL authorizes certified arms dealers to legally sell firearms. There are several types of FFL’s ranging from Type 01 to Type 11. Depending on the type of FFL that the business has obtained dictates what they are legally authorized to do, ranging from manufacturing firearms to simply facilitating the trade of a gun between two parties.

Generally speaking, all business owners who engage in shipping and/or receiving firearms are required to hold an active FFL to conduct business. This license prevents businesses from selling these types of items to customers without meeting safety regulations.


Why can't I find your physical address?

We are primarily an online store and do not have a brick and mortar storefront. One of the main reasons to not provide a physical address is to avoid individuals selecting our FFL for physical transfers as we do not welcome walkin traffic. 

How quickly do orders ship?

We pride ourselves on expedient shipping! Most orders will ship out to the buyer within 2-3 business days of the order being received. We are set up with several wholesale companies and we offer drop shipping straight from the wholesale company to the customer. Some manufacturers do not allow drop shipping, and the item will need to be sent to us first. We then ship out the product to the customer within 24 hours of receipt of the product. This process does not cost the customer any additional fees, and the customer will typically still receive the products within 7 -10 business days from the time of the order. 

How do I return an item if you have no address?

We will be sure to provide the return address for any qualifying purchase that does not meet your standards! Please head to the contact us page and contact us by email or phone to initiate any returns you may have! Also be sure to read our Returns and Refunds Policy for additional information on qualified returns and refunds.

What are loyalty points?

At Elah Armament we are committed to remaining loyal to those who remain loyal to us. With every dollar you spend, you will earn back one loyalty point. With every 100 points, you can turn them back into dollars and earn discounts on future purchases! Head over to out Loyalty Points page to learn more!

What are monthly subscriptions?

Our monthly subscriptions are programs that allow individuals who are serious about firearms, ammo, hunting, and training, the opportunity to pay a low monthly fee to obtain special features like up to 10% discounts on all orders, free shipping on all orders, bonus loyalty points, improved layaway perks, and exclusive access to limited products! For more information head to our Subscriptions page to sign up or learn more!

Do I still need a Background Check if I buy Online?

For any item that has a serial number, you need to have a background check completed from a FFL of your choice. Be sure to contact your selected FFL to inform them of your purchase, and confirm that they are taking walkins for background checks and inquire about the costs. We will need a copy of their FFL, but we can reach out to them to obtain it.

If you purchased firearm parts, optics, accessories, ammunition, or magazines, you will not need to have a background check for these items and they can ship directly to the buyer. 


What if I dont like my gear, can I return it?

We want to work with customers to assure a great customer experience when at all possible. If you purchased a Firearm and it has not been transferred into your possession, we can work with the FFL to have it shipped back.

If it is not ammunition or a firearm, we offer a 30 day, worry free return policy. Just reach out to us via email or phone, and we can work it out with you!  For all returns, shipping charges are not covered by Elah Armament. For additional information, see our Returns Policy!

Do you offer "Price Matching"?

We pride ourselves on Premium Pricing and we will consider it on any product we can, but a match is not guaranteed. If you see a competitor that has a better price than we do, send us an email with the Product Name, UPC (If you can find it), and website of the product for the price match. The item has to be currently in stock by the competitor and cannot be GunBroker due to being an auction site, and final bids are not guaranteed. 

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

Want to cancel your subscription? Not a problem! We dont require minimum sign up durations, and we dont require any contracts. We truly believe it is the quality of the subscription that what keeps our customer subscribed and coming back for more savings!

How does Layaway work?

We have a standard option for customers to choose layaway for the checkout option on all their purchases. It requires 20% down, and payment in full within 30 days of purachase. If you need additional time, you can obtain an extension, and if you want improved layway options, be sure to subscribe to a membership plan! For more information related to layaway policies, be sure to check out our Layaway page for more details!

What are Free Perks?

We believe that not all good things come with a cost. Our free perks are standard principles that you dont need to subscribe to any membershio to get. They are principles that we are suer to stand by and perks that we offer to every customer, on every order, all the time. FOR FREE! For more information, head over to our Free Perks page to learn more!
Purchase this product now and earn 500 Points!

Purchase this product now and earn 1,000 Points!
Want a discount? Become a member by purchasing Basic Subscription, Pro Subscription or Elite Subscription!

Purchase this product now and earn 1,500 Points!
Want a discount? Become a member by purchasing Basic Subscription, Pro Subscription or Elite Subscription!

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