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Layaway Policy

We understand the difficulty of being able to afford the things you need in today’s world, let alone the things you want. That is why we are committed to finding as many payment plans as possible, to assure that every customer has a plan that works for them. When hot items are in stock, you need to act quickly and lock those items in, and sometimes you just don’t have the cash for that. We got you covered, and that is exactly why we accept layaway as a payment option.
A recent survey for E-Commerce consumers indicated:


Of individuals surveyed reported avoiding Credit Card interest was important to them.


Of individuals surveyed reported that they have abandoned a cart because they couldn't pay the total in full, in the last year.


Of consumers surveyed reported they have used Reserve Now, Pay later Programs in the last year

How to Use Layaway at check out!

Just browse our products and fill up your cart with what you want. Head to checkout, and select the deposit option to pay 20% down at the time of checkout to lock your order in. We will then connect with you to obtain the following payments. We do it this way so that we dont automatically lock all customers into the same payment plan. Some want to pay weekly, some want to wait and do one final payment just prior to their 30 day deadline. All of that is fine and we don’t want to restrict your ability based on your ability for payment. We will work with you on an individualized repayment plan to recover the remaining 80% as long as the parameters are within the policy outlined below.

The buyer will accept the layaway policy at the time of checkout and the buyer is agreeing to the policy in its entirety upon making their deposit. Accepting layaway will require a deposit payment via an immediate payment method (such as credit card) during checkout. The buyer will be required to pay 20% of the total balance upon checkout.

Key Principles of the Policy

Upon receipt of the buyer’s 20% non-refundable deposit, we will take the item out of our inventory and activate a 30-day term. This 20% deposit will go towards the principle balance that is owed on the total. We will charge NO INTEREST, but there is a $15 fee added to the principle. This $15 fee will cover any additional shipping charges on dropship items to ship the products to our location to lock them in. If no extension is requested, the item must pe paid in full in 30 days. 

During the layaway period, you can either make several payments, or just make one final payment within the 30 days, at which time we will ship your item. All additional payments need to be made by directly contacting us via phone to process payment. There is no required payment schedule, as long as the balance is paid in full within 30 days from the date of purchase.

If you fail to pay for the item in full upon the end of your 30 day term, we will allow an extension for an additional 30 days for a $30 charge. This $30 does not apply to the principle and is due within 7 days following the close of your 30 day term. The buyer can extend a layaway for a maximum of 90 days if each 30 day extension is paid on time. After 90 days, the item will be forfeited and added back into inventory. The 20% deposit, all 30 day extension fees will be kept and all additional payments returned to the customer.

If we do not receive the $30 payment within this 7 day window, your initial 20% deposit payment will be forfeited and the item re-entered into inventory.

Items on layaway cannot be changed once the deposit has been received. If a layaway is canceled for any reason or goes further than any 30 day period with no $30 extension, the item will be forfeited and the 20% deposit, and all extension fees will be kept. Any payments other than the 20% deposit, and 30 day extension charges will be refunded upon forfeiting the item.

Our heart is not to have individuals default on their terms, and we truly want to offer flexible payment options to all buyers and customers. We only set these above parameters to assure buyers do not attempt to take advantage of the flexibility. If additional time is needed, exceptions may be made on an individual and per-approved basis. Please call or email if additional flexibility is needed and we will see what we can do.

We will attempt to contact you following your initial 30 day term, attempt again prior to your 7 day grace window is up, and attempt a third time prior to the close of any additional 30 day window. We will be sure to openly communicate and attempt to receive payment in all cases to avoid loss of the deposit.

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